Launched in 2020, Dear Alex is a petite clothing brand born in Malaysia, where every pieces is designed perfectly proportioned for short women from 5’3″ and under. We thoughtfully create pieces that are sure to become staples in your closet, be it for picnics, dates, girls night out or any other occasion.

In an effort to avoid overproduce, we commit to engage in a smaller and smarter production runs. For this reason, our pieces are all limited. With our perfect fitted pieces, our goal is to promote all women’s true beauty as well as invite you to create a look that is bold, confident and truly yours. 

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Dear Alex is currently partnering with My Pets Haven, a Private Pet Adoption & Rescue Centre runs by a 63 year-old lady, Aileen Lee. To help with abandoned animals, we are doing our tiny part by donating RM1.00 of every purchases made to the centre for a period of 12 months.


“We have been running the centre for almost 10 years now, where we continuously rescuing stray dogs and cats to rehabilitate and re-home them.”

“We currently have over 20 dogs and 10 cats at the centre that are up for adoption. If you’re interested, you can come and visit us anytime.”

Check out My Pets Haven here.